Ars Electronica….

I was fortunate to attened the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria a few weeks ago. There was really too much outstanding work to report here, but I posted some of the video clips I took on my digital camera here:
Highlights were Golan and Jaap’s performance, Zach’s Drawn performance and talk, Sand Beasts by Theo Janson, John Gerrard’s The Ladder (with computer vision assistance from one of Brooklyn’s finest, Chris), and Man OS 1/extraordinateur by Roland Seidel and Achim Stiermann.
Huge thanks to Chris and Zach for making for such a memorable time.
Zach breaking down the true meaning of “hybrid”.
During one of the worst noise performances I’ve ever heard I captured this moment of true love in the audience. I think this is one of the most funny and honest things I have ever seen.