Geek Graffiti Wrap Up…..

I teach a course at Parsons each year called Geek Graffiti which deals with applying computer hacking methodologies to the city. The semester came to a close last month, below are some of the final projects.
Booby Fountain, by Ginny:

Faux Botany Speaks Up, by Barbara

Housing Solutions for a New Economy, by F8

The Disintegration Of Adhesive Graffiti, by Badart

For more you can view the course website.

G.R.L. @ Pratt

The G.R.L. will be giving a presentation in the Digital Arts Laboratory at Pratt tomorrow (Thursday) night at 6pm (laser tagging may ensue). More information here:
Thursday, April 12th
ARC Building, Lower Level
Digital Arts Lecture Hall, Room E-2
Directions, and Campus Map.
(Thanks to Rob for the invite)

February is create-a-thing-a-day month

I’m taking part in Create-A-thing-A-Day this month. I might post some of my progress here but if you want to track everything being made go to
“February is create-a-thing-a-day month. For 4 weeks starting on Thursday the 1st Create one new work/excercize a day. Choose your own themes, one per week, Work in any medium.”
Thanks to Mouna for the invitation.

Design Lab 5…

I’ve been teaching an undergraduate course at Parsons on visual programming called Design Lab 5. There is example code from myself and students up at the following URL for those interested in Processing:
For no real reason I am attempting to write the entire course website by hand using EMACS…. this may somewhat explain why it looks so dope. I also worked in remixing Zach’s Making Things Move workshop with Michael Jackson, Mike Myers, and George Bush.

Presentation at RIT….

I will be giving a talk at RIT School of Design on Sat. night called Towards a New Graffiti. It should be fun and I will be showing some new projects, so if you are in the area please come by. The info is below:
Sat. Feb. 4th
6:30 Carison Auditorium [bldg 76]
Big thanks Ken, Bill and everyone at RIT and the NY AIGA for the invitation.

Graffiti Analysis on display….

The Graffiti Analysis application will be on display in the Parsons gallery starting this Wednesday, May 25th, from 6-8pm at 66 5th Ave. (NYC). There will be a lot of other fun new media projects on display as well, so it should be a good show. More specific info is pasted below.
The day of the opening I will also be officially done with graduate school, so after the show I will attempt to drink myself into a coma.
Parsons Design + Technology Annual Thesis Exhibition
May 26 – June 10
Opening Reception: Wednesday May 25, 6 – 8pm
Aronson Galleries
66 Fifth Avenue
and Gallery at 2 West 13
Mon-Fri 9-9, Sat-Sun 9-6

touch up “artists”…

I took these photographs from
Click here for larger resolution
Using a differencing algorithm you can see the kind of choices these “artists” are using to re-define what a woman should look like. The intent is for the resulting image to look as deformed and grotesque as the act of alteration. I would like to do a larger series of these kind of images so if anyone knows of good model photo touch up “artist” websites please post them in the comments.

10FL opening….

The 10FL show I’ve been helping with opened last night at the Chelsea Art Museum. It was a fun opening and people seemed to enjoy the work. Big thanks to everyone involved with the show especially Chris, Bao, Dave, and Zhang Ga. It runs till April 19th so go check it out!
Brett and I demoing Kaho’s really fun full contact wireless game HIT ME.
the not-so mysterious fi5e was in the house representing All City Council.
*If anyone has more photos of the event please post them in the comments.

‘Garamond G’…

Garamond is one of my favorite typefaces so I thought I would post this thesis project I saw on display in the Parsons gallery. It’s by Troy Lumpkin and seems to draw connections between type and architecture.

‘Graffiti Analysis’…… bitten

In the parsons gallery on 5th ave. there is a thesis project on exhibition with a poster en-titled “Graffiti Analysis”…… which happens to be the current title of my thesis project. All I have to say to this obvious academic threat BRING IT ON SCHOOL BOY. We should do a thesis battle to the death for rights to this title!
(This project is actually really great and worth checking out if you are around 5th ave. and 13th st. This person as developed a set of graffiti symbols for the homeless which would allow them to identify friendly areas, food sources, etc.)

Parsons Gallery…

The different departments at Parsons are starting to show work on the ground floor galleries on 13st. and 5th ave. The illustration show was worth a look.

Pretty Pictures!…….Yea!

After a lot of difficult conversations with people a lot smarter than me I have decided to take my thesis in a new direction. My new thesis will be titled “Pretty Pictures! Yea!”. What kind of animal doesn’t love pretty pictures??!?!……..Yea!
Thanks a lot to Clay for sharing some 3D code that worked wonderfully.