Multi-Touch Finger Paintings: September 2011 Edition

Upon receiving several requests I’ve created a series of 30 Multi-Touch Finger Paintings, one for each day of the month of September 2011. Each finger painting is unique and created through direct contact of an inked finger on tracing paper over an iPhone. They can be purchased here.
Open Twitter. Check Twitter. Close Twitter.
September 2011 edition
18cm x 24cm
Tracing paper

Multi-Touch Finger Paintings

Multi-Touch Finger Paintings
Tracing paper
iPod Touch
2.3in x 4.4in

“Slide to un-lock”

“Launch Twitter. Check Twitter. Close Twitter.”

“Sent from a device with tiny keys”

“Ollie impossible to 50/50 grind. Ollie impossible out.”

“Launch Mail. Read Mail. Close Mail.”

“12,345 + 6,789 = “

More info here.


A sculpture based on the writing of Jean-Michel Basquiat.
28cm x 19cm x 19cm

Made posible with support from La Gaîté Lyrique

Personal Internet Cache Archive

Personal Internet Cache Archive (November 9, 2010)
150 x 88 cm
1 of 1
Internet cache: “a mechanism for the temporary storage of web documents” (Wikipedia)
An ongoing study of archived images collected passively through my everyday Internet usage. Internet cache is visualized using off the shelf screen saver and image viewing software to produce archival prints and videos. Each print is a unique archive of cached images from a specific date.
I will be posting an ongoing series of Personal Internet Cache Archive studies on my blog over the course of the next year.
November 9, 2010 selected print details:

(For full size details go here).

Online Shop Open Two Weeks Only…

I will be briefly reunited with my inventory this December, so I am reopening the online shop for a short period of time after being offline for the better part of last year. It is now open for two weeks of business under a sexy new URL: (not to be confused with
I will be taking orders until December 27, 2010 and everything will be shipped out by December 31, 2010. This will most likely be the only time in the next year that I’ll have access to the items online and will be able to make multiple shipments of this kind. If you have any questions or are interested in something you don’t see listed on the site, please feel free to reach me at info[at]evan-roth[dot]com.
All proceeds of sales will go directly towards allowing me to continue replying to email requests from advertisers with four letter words. Happy Holidays!

Art in the Admin…

Rhizome’s 7 on 7 event took place this weekend. I had the opportunity to work with Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress) on a 24 hour speed project. Together we implemented a series of opt-in interventions in the admin / Dashboard section of WordPress. The project is now live on all 12 million WordPress hosted blogs. You can activate it by clicking the “surprise me” option in your Personal Settings page.
For more information you can view Matt’s Surprise Me post on Business Week and the New York Times also covered the event. Video of the presentation should be available shortly at
The current “fun mode” features we have implemented include Humanized Statistics, 2X Publish and Sacred Acts of Publishing. More info on each listed below:
Humanized Statistics: A different way of thinking about your stats. The new “humanize” tab in the stats panel displays photos from towns with populations matching the current daily number of visitors to your blog.

2X Scale Publish Button: A small step towards making the publish button visually reflect its importance and power over other lesser buttons.

Sacred Acts of Publishing: Positive reinforcement for the often solitary act of publishing. Upon hitting the publish button, users may experience a video playback of backboard-shattering slam dunks, game show victories or epic slow claps. You may be alone in your bedroom at 3am when you finally hit the publish button, but that’s no reason not to receive a round of high fives and a chest bump:

This is an example of what you might see in your admin panel shortly after hitting the publish button:

And this is a dramatic reenactment of the user experience:

Big thanks to Rhizome for the invitation to take part in such an amazing event. And huge props to Matt, who was a pleasure to work with. Hopefully we’ll be rolling out some new “fun mode” features soon.

I Didn’t Tweet Andy Warhol

I was about to do a small project where I twittered all of Andy Warhol’s diary entries that were 140 characters or less, and only followed celebrities that he mentioned in the text that currently have twitter accounts. Good thing I did some web searches before I did any more work, as it looks like @warhol_diaries has beaten me to the punch. This version doesn’t stick to the same rule set that I was interested in, but it’s still worth following if you’re a Warhol fan.
Also of note is that @andywarhol only had 2 followers.

9 to 5 Brow$er (Project Idea)

9 to 5 Brow$er is a Firefox plugin which offers a positive feedback mechanism for wasting company time on the Internet. Simply install, enter in your salary / wage information and track how much company money you are wasting on the Internet.
If you are a Firefox developer interested in getting involved please contact me at evan[at]evan-roth[dot]com. I’m also experimenting with using as a mechanism for supporting project development (spread the word to your wealthy friends):
9 to 5 Brow$er Project Page
Coming soon to a browser near you!

Free money for artists… apply now!

Still two weeks left to get your TANDA application in. TANDA pays faster than any other arts organization on the planet….. for realz.
TANDA: “Peer-to-peer funding for creative practice”