IN FAMOUS CAROUSEL: Paris, tomorrow

I will be screening a new edit of the White Glove Tracking project, as well as the Cache Rules Everything Around Me video, tomorrow night as part of the In Famous Carousel event at Point Ephemere. There will also be DJ sets by Daito Manabe, Terre Thaemlitz and L?K?O.
Nov. 12, 20:00
Point Ephemere, Paris
200 quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris

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I am headed off to Belo Horizonte (Brazil) tomorrow for The Kludgists exhibition as part of VIVO ARTE.MOV (more on this soon).

Your Tag: Big, bright and all over Europe

I’m teaming up with the Media Facades Festival to bring Graffiti Analysis and your tag to big ass digital display systems all across Europe and replace ad space with graff space.
How It Works:
1) Digitally capture your graffiti tag using the free (and open source) Graffiti Analysis Capture Application (HOW TO guide here). Your tag will be saved in Graffiti Markup Language format (.gml). (Additional info on capturing your tag is provided below).
2) Upload the .gml file of your tag to, an open repository for sharing and archiving motion captured graffiti tags. Create an account and add the keyword ‘mff2010’ to all tags you would like considered for public display. Other related keywords such as name and location are suggested but not required.
3) On August 1, 2010, I will begin making selections based on tags submitted under the keyword ‘mff2010’. I will try to highlight as many tags as possible, although this will depend on the number of entries and display time available. Everyone is welcome to submit, but preferential treatment will be given to graffiti writers.
4) I will send this data to collaborators in the Media Facade Festival for public display. Tags will be displayed on large scale highly public digital displays from August 27 to Oct. 2. Potential places your tag might show include the 7,536 screens in the 1,106 coaches in the Berlin Subway, the BBC Big Screens in Liverpool and the Gasometer Nightscreen in Berlin.
Submissions can be made anytime from now until July 31, 2010.
Hackers / developers interested in getting involved, please refer to the Graffiti Analysis source code and wish list.
For more on Graffiti Analysis, go to “
For more on Media Facades Festival 2010, go to

How to make a submission using the Graffiti Analysis 2.0 standalone application:
1) Download Graffiti Analysis 2.0 Capture Application here.
2) Follow these instructions on how to set up and run the capture application.
3) In the directory on your computer containing the Graffiti Analysis 2.0 Capture Application navigate to /data/tags and find the .gml file of your tag (e.g. yourfilename.gml).
4) Create an account at and upload the .gml file of your tag. Navigate to the page containing your tag and click the “submit to Media Facades” button in the lower right of the screen.

How to make a submission using your iPhone (Graffiti Analysis 2.0: DustTag):
1) Install DustTag on your iPhone.
2) Create an account at and add your iPhone UUID on your account settings page. This will automatically send all tags uploaded from your iPhone directly to your 000000book account.
3) After creating you tag on the iPhone, hit OPTIONS, then Add Keyword. Enter MFF2010, hit Return and then press Upload. You can confirm the upload by going to[yourname]. Make sure you see MFF2010 listed under ‘gml_keywords’ in the lower right.
Big ups to Jamie Wilkinson for making all the last-minute 000000book updates!

Upcoming Events….

Venue – Black River Festival
Piece – Graffiti Analysis, Graffiti Taxonomy, EyeWriter (GRL / OF / TEMPT1)
Location – Vienna, Austria
Dates – 10/22/2009
Venue – OXCARS 09, “The Biggest Free Culture Event Ever”
Piece – Michael Jackson Public Domain Countdown
Location – Barcelona, Spain
Dates – 10/29/2009
Venue – CREAM: International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama
Piece – GRL World Exhibition
Location – Yokohama, Japan
Dates – 10/31/2009 – 11/29/2009
Venue – Kyoto Protocol Hacking
Piece – GRL Workshop
Location – Kyoto, Japan
Dates – 11/5/2009 – 11/16/2009
Venue – EFA Project Space
Piece – Available Online For Free Stickers
Location – New York City
Dates – 11/5/2009 – 12/19/2009
Venue – Victoria & Albert Museum – Decode: Digital Design Sensations
Piece – Backdoor (GRL)
Location – London
Dates – 12/8/2009 – 4/11/2010
Venue – Transmediale
Piece – F.A.T.
Location – Berlin
Dates – 2/2/2010 – 2/7/2010


Calling all Hong Kong graffiti writers! I will be doing a demo of my soon to be released Graffiti Anlaysis 2.0 software (which looks like this) at Input/Output gallery this Friday as part of October Contemporary. Everyone is invited to come try the system and capture your tag or signature into a 3d digital environment using custom motion tracking software. Tags will be displayed in the gallery for the length of the exhibition. Free beer, free software…… and potentially rap music. (Non-graffiti writers also welcomed). If anyone knows Busyb, please tell him/her/them to come. IMNACP (I Am Not A Cop Promise).
Also on display will be work by HK locals Cheng Cho-Yiu and Desmond Leung.
New Media, New Thinking
Input / Output
3rd October-1st November 2009
31A Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening – Friday, Oct. 2nd, 6-9pm
Artist Talk – Sunday, Oct. 4th, 1-3pm