Urban Hacking and Graffiti Analysis come to Russia…

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I am headed to Russia for a three city tour hosted by CEC ArtsLink, Art Politika and the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art. I will be running master classes on Urban Hacking, capturing .gml data with local graffiti writers and displaying Graffiti Analysis.
Ekaterinburg (more info here | EN):
Oct. 4, 17:00 – Artist Talk (Library Belinsky)
Oct. 5-6, Urban Hacking Master Class
Oct. 7, Graffiti Analysis .gml capture session with local graffiti writers
Oct. 8, 21:00–23:00 – Graffiti Analysis public projections (outside of Salute Cinema)
Oct. 11, 19:00 – Artist talk (Hammer scene theatre)
Oct. 12-13, Urban Hacking Master Class
Oct. 14, Graffiti Analysis .gml capture session with local graffiti writers
Oct. 15, 21:00–23:00 – Graffiti Analysis public projections (outside of Government house)
St. Petersburg:
Oct. 19, 18:00–20:00 – Artist Talk (Pro Arte Foundation, Peter and Paul Fortress)

Some Random Updates…

White Glove Tracking is a part of Eyebeam’s Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus exhibit opening on June 10th.
I will be showing some new work as well Graffiti Taxonomy at the Kunsthalle’s Street and Studio: From Basquiat to Séripop, which opens on June 24th. I will also be giving an artist talk on June 21st for those of you in Vienna.
I will be premiering a new version of Graffiti Analysis, showing EyeWriter and collaborating with some friends at Les Grandes Traversees at the beginning of July (Royan July 2-3, Pointe du Médoc July 6-7, Bordeaux July 8-10). More details on this coming soon.
I did a couple of interviews awhile back that were recently published at DigiCult and FAD.
Lastly, Rhizome published my presentation with Matt from the 7on7 event at the New Museum:


(L’Atlas: Graffiti Analysis 2.0)
Chris and I will be demoing the soon to be released Digital Blackbook (Graffiti Analysis 2.0) tomorrow night at 7pm at Gallery Ofroom, as part of the BLK River Festival. The gallery will be open one day early to graffiti writers interested in taking a more private spin on the new system (any questions feel free to email me evan [at] evan-roth.com). The system will also be open to civilians at the BLK River Festival grand opening on Thursday night at 7pm. Resulting tags will remain on display in the gallery for the remainder of the exhibition.
Wednesday (tomorrow), Oct. 21:
– 5pm: Artist talk with James Powderly, Chris Sugrue and Evan Roth
– 7pm: Graffiti Analysis 2.0 writers only session.
Thursday, Oct. 22:
– 7pm: BLK River festival grand opening. Art, movie screenings and Graffiti Analysis on public demo for writers and non-writers alike.

Friday, Oct. 23:

– evening (time pending): Tempt1 auction and EyeWriter public demo. Come view new work by Tempt1 and try to make drawings with your eyeballs. More details coming soon.
Gallery Location:
Gallery Ofroom / Taborstraße 18, Vienna
Participating artists:
Aram Bartholl, Busk, Deep Inc., Brad Downey, Dtagno, Christian Eisenberger, Graffiti Research Lab/G.R.L., Mark Jenkins, Know Hope, Tobias Leingruber, Aakash, Nihalani, James Powderly, Albin Ray, Evan Roth, Max Schaffer, State of Sabotage, Stop Making Sense & Tempt One.

Speaking at SCI-arc: Los Angeles

I will be giving a presentation titled Release Early, Often, and with Rap Music this Wednesday (04/01/2009) at SCI-arc, in Los Angeles. In honor of my return to the halls of architectural academia I will be showing some embarrassing architectural endeavors from a former life. I will also be presenting past and future works, including a new collaborative project between the Graffiti Research Lab, FAT, Open Frameworks and Tempt One.
960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles (directions)
W.M. Keck Lecture Hall l
April 1, 2009