Occupy the Internet Exhibition

(Full flyer here)
I am curating an exhibition in association with F.A.T.‘s Occupy the Internet initiative. This Tuesday at 9am EST new animated gifs from a group of leading net artists, internet activists, street artists and comedians will appear simultaneously on the over 700 websites running the Occupy the Internet script. More information here.
November 1 to November 4
On fffff.at, evan-roth.com and all of the 754 websites (and counting) currently running the Occupy the Internet script.
Participating artists:
Aram Bartholl
Brad Downey
Constant Dullaart
Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied
Mark Jenkins
La Quadrature Du Net
Jonah Peretti & Chelsea Peretti
Ryder Ripps
Rafael Rozendaal
Charlie Todd

Collect the WWWorld opens in Italy…

Personal Internet Cache Archive (November 9, 2010)
150 x 88 cm
1 of 1
Very excited to be exhibiting a new piece along side some of my favorites artists in Domenico Quaranta’s Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age. Opening tomorrow in Brescia, Italy.
Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age
Curated by Domenico Quaranta.
September 24 – October 15, 2011, 3.00 – 7.00 PM
Spazio Contemporanea
Corsetto Sant’Agata, 22 – Brescia
Alterazioni Video (IT)
Kari Altmann (US)
Cory Arcangel (US)
Gazira Babeli (IT)
Kevin Bewersdorf (US)
Luca Bolognesi (IT)
Natalie Bookchin (US)
Petra Cortright (US)
Aleksandra Domanovic (DE)
Harm van den Dorpel (NL)
Constant Dullaart (NL)
Hans Peter Feldmann (DE)
Elisa Giardina Papa (IT)
Travis Hallenbeck (US)
Jodi (NL)
Oliver Laric (DE)
Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenshied (DE)
Guthrie Lonergan (US)
Eva and Franco Mattes (IT)
Seth Price (US)
Jon Rafman (US)
Claudia Rossini (IT)
Evan Roth (US)
Travess Smalley (US)
Ryan Trecartin (US).

When We Were Kings: Wrap Up

Big thanks to everyone that joined for When We Were Kings in NYC last week. For those who couldn’t make it, pasted below are links to all of the pieces from the show. Huge thanks to Aram for making this happen and for the great photos, video and text he contributed at http://speedshow.net/when-we-were-kings.
Photos by Aram Bartholl:

(http://when-we-were-kings.com extended desktop).


When We Were Kings: Solo Speed Show NYC

New York friends:
Please join me for a one night only Speed Show exhibition, curated and hosted by Aram Bartholl. I am premiering 12 new web based pieces plus some from the archives at the 90 Bowery Internet cafe from 8 – 10 pm on Monday, July 18th. Come for a night of Internet love and new pop art.
Internet friends:
Stay tuned, I will be releasing all of these pieces online shortly after the opening.
Details as follows:
When We Were Kings
A solo SPEED SHOW of new and updated Internet based pieces by Evan Roth.
Curated and hosted by Aram Bartholl.
8:00 – 10:00 PM, July18, 2011
90 Bowery, New York, NY (map).
“When We Were Kings is a reference to an era that began with the wide-spread adoption of the Internet. It is the celebration of a time that is seemingly coming to close, when the architecture of the web treated everyday citizens the same as the kings. Intentionally scheduled back to back with an opening at the Museum of Modern Art (where Roth is showing two pieces), When We Were Kings is an experiment of Eric Raymond’s Cathedral and the Bazaar metaphor as applied to the public exhibition of art. When We Were Kings is the first solo exhibition by Evan Roth in the speed show format.”

Digital Kitsch: Barcelona

I am exhibiting a new Barcelona-specific installation of Graffiti Analysis (two channel video and sculpture) starting this Thursday as part of Kitsch Digital: Three Decades of Interferences on the Web. Also in the mix are some amazing artists and friends including Tobias Leingruber (FAT), Takahiro Yamaguchi (GRL Tokyo!), Joachim Castañeda and Dragan Espenschied.
Thursday February 17, 2011
19h DJ Session by Pangramas
Can Felipa Carrer Pallars 277
08005 Barcelona
As part of the exhibition, I am giving a talk with fellow FATie, Tobias Leingruber, at 18h on Saturday (Feb. 19) at The Private Space Gallery.

Animated Gif Orgy at Speed Show #3….

I was excited to be included in TodayAndTomorrow’s Animated GIF SPEED SHOW last night in Berlin.
I made a new piece for the event that can be viewed by clicking the link below…. word of warning, it is not in any way “safe for work”. By clicking the link below you fully acknowledge that the content is NSFW!
Data Glut, 2010: http://evan-roth.com/gif-mashup/dataglut.html ***NSWF***
(embeddable version here and here).
Photos of the event and links to all of the exhibited works can be viewed here.

New work at the Kunsthalle (Vienna)…

I’m showing a print version of Graffiti Taxonomy as well as an entirely new piece at Street and Studio: From Basquiat to Séripop at the Kunsthalle in Vienna. I’ve developed new software (w/ Chris Sugrue) and a new physical piece in collaboration with an anonymous local Viennese graffiti writer. I’ll post more information on both (including software and source code downloads) shortly after the opening. Details below.
Exhibition Talk w/ Evan Roth:
June 21st, 6pm
June 24th, 7pm
June 25th – October 10th, 2010
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna
Participating artists:
Rita Ackermann, Charlie Ahearn, Eric Andersen, Kader Attia, Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dara Birnbaum, Blek le Rat, BLU, Sophie Calle, Francesco Clemente, Jane Dickson, Brad Downey, Christian Eisenberger, Futura, Dani Gal, Ingo Giezendanner (GRRRR), Shaun Gladwell, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Mark Jenkins, Leopold Kessler, Lady Pink, Sol LeWitt, Basim Magdy, Ari Marcopoulos, miz JUSTICE, Ramm:ell:zee, Robin Rhode, Evan Roth, Séripop, Rita Vitorelli, Andy Warhol

Animated Gif Mashup 2.0 at Speed Show Exhibition….

The Aram Bartholl curated SPEED SHOW vol.1: TELE-INTERNET was a big success last Friday. “Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night.” Art galleries had their chance, we’re moving to Internet Cafes. The openings are less pretentious, the gallery doesn’t take 50% and the internet always works. The piece I showed is linked below.
WARNING…. this page contains NSFW audio and an irresponsible amount of animated gifs that may crash your browser. If you are not technically prepared for the ensuing browser party you can view the screen capture video below.
Animated Gif Mashup – Dance Sequence #001:
(tiny URL = http://tinyurl.com/22tn4nh)

This also marks the release of Animated Gif Mashup 2.0, which now includes audio and background image tiling! For examples of AGM2.0 in use please view the following:
Long and Hard (NSFW audio)
Get Out My Face (NSFW audio)
G Thang
Make your own and leave them in the comments @ fffff.at!!!! (TinyURL might help)
Source code is available here.
For more information on the first Speed Show go here. It was a great lineup:
– Jon Cates (US)
– Constant Dullaart (NL)
– Dragan Espenschied (DE)
– Geraldine Juarez (MX)
– Tobias Leingruber (DE)
– Olia Lialina (RU)
– Moddr (NL/AT/RU)
– Johannes P Osterhoff (DE)
– Evan Roth (US)
– Ralph Schulz (DE)
– Paul Slocom (US)

Graffiti Taxonomy and EyeWriter Nominated for Design Oscars

The Designs of the Year 2010 exhibit (the self-described “Oscars of the design world”) opened today at the Design Museum in London. I was lucky enough to have two projects nominated among the 13 nominations in the Interactive category: EyeWriter (along with Zach, Theo, Chris, James, Tony and Mick), and Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris (with Flash development by Todd). I’m up against the Kindle, so it should be interesting.

New full screen version of Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris is now available at: evan-roth.com/graffititaxonomy
(Hit ‘F’ to go full screen and ‘ESC’ to exit.)

For more information on the EyeWriter project go to: eyewriter.org
British Design Museum
Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD
Designs of the Year
17 February – 06 June
P.S., big ups to the Open Frameworks crew for scoring a nomination as well. F.A.T. members were responsible for 3 of the 13 nominations.


I have FREE stickers for anyone interested in taking part in an upcoming exhibition, Printeresting: One Every Day, at the EFA Project Space in New York City next week. Instructions are simple…. email your mailing address to stickers[at]evan-roth.com When the stickers arrive in the mail put them up in a location that you find appropriate, take a picture and email me back the photo to the same email address. All photos will be added to a loop on display in the gallery for the length of the exhibition. If you are in NYC you can pick up free stickers at the gallery after Nov. 5th (location listed below), or you can make your own with any of the the following files ( .pdf | .png | .eps | .ai ).
email – stickers[at]evan-roth.com
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts
323 West 39th St., 2nd Floor
NY, New York 10018
November 5 – December 19
Opening Reception:
Saturday, November 7
6-9 PM

Digital Blackbook demo in Hong Kong….

Oct. 2nd marked the opening of New Media New Thinking at Input / Output gallery here in Hong Kong. Everyone who showed up was invited to demo my new Digital Blackbook (Graffiti Analysis 2.0) system, and all of the resulting signatures will remain on display in the gallery for the length of the exhibition.
Big ups to Teddy and Rachel for the venue, Ignacio for the filming, Chris for the code, and thanks to everyone that attempted to wield the giant marker. The resulting tags will be on display at I / O gallery in until November 1st.