Unofficial Kanye video more popular than official Jay-Z video

In doing some research for an article I’m helping with on open source and collaborative art I realized that the Kanye West fan video (by tor4y using my source code) has more views than the original Jay-Z video I created through official channels. Viva la revolucion!

1,052,647 – views
2,154 – comments

894,401 – views
2,571 – comments

8 Rules For Getting Famous On The Internet

I’ve been involved in co-teaching a course at Parsons the last couple of years called Internet Famous (along with fellow FAT members Prof Powder and Prof Dubs). Last semester I wrote a blog post for the kiddies called, USA USB: A Case Study In Internet Fame, in which I outlined techniques I use in attempting to seed content onto top 100 blog sites.
This may not be of interest to everyone, but for those of you who like to count your stats the full post here:
8 Rules For Getting Famous On The Internet