Explicit Content Only on Wax

In 2005 I released a curse words only version of N.W.A.’s classic album Straight Outta Compton. Now 3 years later with the help of Inge Records it is available on vinyl. Side A is the original and Side B has been updated with the Explicit Content Only version of Eazy-E’s Eazy Duz It.

Download mp3s for free below, or click here to purchase one of these first pressing limited edition of 350.


Project Page: http://ni9e.com/eco_vinyl.php

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Graffiti Taxonomy Prints

In 2004 I released a project called Graffiti Taxonomy and since then I have been receiving regular email requests to make prints and posters. I have recently revisited the project and am now releasing my first ever series of limited edition signed and numbered prints. The Lower East Side ‘E’ was created from tags photographed in March of 2008. It is the first in an ongoing series of graffiti character studies titled ‘A,E,I,O,U’. The prints were made by master printers right here in Brooklyn and can be purchased at the new ni9e store.

(More photos up here).
The original project is archived here, and I have also made a poster version of the ‘S’ series, taken from photographs shot in the Lower East Side in 2004. The poster can be purchased here.


Huge thanks to everyone that helped raise money for AVONE. He is currently out on bail and awaiting trial in early May. More on this shortly.

More Skymall Liberation…

Non-White vs iPods

(James had this idea for signing them on the back)
Non-White vs White

Sky Mall Liberation is officially open for business. Get yours now at the low introductory rate of $350! Email me for details.

All Systems Go…

First test of the laser tag system was a success. Agents Watson and Powderly profile’n in front of 10,000 lumens of projection and 58mw of laser.

more info on the G.R.L. site.

G.R.L in Rotterdam

G.R.L. is currently on our On The Run tour in Rotterdam. Thanks to everyone who has been sending emails about the current events in Boston. G.R.L. was not involved in any way, for more on our opinion of the situation look here and here (more to come soon).