final projection run for 2005…

This is footage from a projection run I did a couple of weeks ago (along with a new application I was testing out). I’m sad to say this will be the last of the projections I will be doing in New York until later this winter. On the flip side, if anyone in Brussels has a really bright digital projector I will be your new best friend?! Huge thanks go out as always to HELL, JESUS SAVES, AVONE, and KATSU, hopefully we can pick up where we left off when I return. Thanks to Lady fi5e and GARB for help with this last run. And finally, big huge 2 story tall thanks go out Dave and the Parsons DT department for letting me borrow the digital projector (I’m surprised it is still in one piece).
click here to view video.
P.S., that was GARB’s handywork in the “Thanks Dave” video.

Washing Sq. Park Redux…

This is footage from a projection run I did several weeks ago in the rain for the documentary “Bomb It”. Big thanks to Theo for shooting the video, and lady fi5e for help with the projection.
click here to view

Graffiti Analysis projections….

I wanted to thank everyone who came out to see the projections last week following my Flash Forward presentation. I finally edited the video which you can view here. Huge thanks to GARB for the video, as well as FONG and GBBMSNUP for help with the mobile division. I’ve also updated the site with a complete archive of the Graffiti Analysis sessions.
*Thanks to arktip, core77, and k10k for the recent linkage.

Graffiti Analysis Projection…

Anyone interested is invited to come check out Graffiti Analysis projections Thursday night around 10pm. The plan is to project at the corner of Smith St. and Pacific St. in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. This is near to the Bergen St. metro stop on the F line.
I have little control over parking and lighting, and there is always the chance of technical problems, so if you decide to come please be understanding and open minded. Even if there is a hitch the area is fun and has lots of bars.
I’ve never done an announced projection, so it will be fun to see how this goes.

Come see the projections….

If you live in New York and are interested in seeing the Graffiti Analysis projections keep your schedule open this Thursday, July 7th around 10:30pm. This will be the first time I will announce where they will happen before hand so I’m curious to see how this will work. Check back here as Thursday approaches for an exact time and location.

Daily News…

Jacob Osterhost wrote a nice piece on fi5e and the Graffiti Analysis sessions on page 26 in todays (Sunday, June 12th) NOW! section of the Daily News. Pick it up for $1 if your in NYC or read it here.
I’m really happy with how it came out but one correction I would add is that they spelled AVONE’s name wrong (they spelled it AVON). Sorry about that, but we all know who it’s talking about…

GB’s Desktop….

A friend of mine sent me this image of his desktop. For me ‘Set to Desktop’ is the highest possible complement one can receive.

fi5e in the media….

For all those reading this blog in New York make sure to pick up a Daily News tomorrow (Friday, June 10th). There may or may not be an article on fi5e and the Graffiti Analysis sessions… more on this soon.
***update***, wasn’t in todays issue, check tomorrow (sorry if anyone wasted $.50).