Hong Kong Graffiti: Central District

This set of photos contains some of my favorite tags and graffiti in central Hong Kong. Central is sort of similar to SOHO in NYC, so this is in no way a reflection of the graffiti scene in Hong Kong as a whole. If I had to name a King (or Queen?) at this point it would be Busy B, hands down. For the complete set of photos go here.

And the verdict is in….

Ket pleads guilty and gets probation, $3,000 in fines, and has to paint a mural for the DA. More importantly, this case shows that you can’t be convicted on graffiti charges based on photographic evidence. More here.
(Thanks ER for the tip)

Going Big In Peru…

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
VIVA EL PERU! Sometimes it takes leaving the city to find the really interesting graffiti. Traveling around the Cuzco area in Peru we kept coming across these giant dirt tags carved into the sides of mountains. They are cheap, long lasting, and fucking huge.

E + M…..

Evan and Michele! …..2 Getha 4 Eva.

update from the road….

Throwies Milwaukee style. Thanks to Lane, Lisa, and everyone I met at uwm (video coming shortly).

I stumbled across this last night while walking around Toronto. This company has 6 of these cars. Scary. I suggest that anytime you see ads being projected in your city you put a middle finger between the bulb and the wall.

AVONE Legal Fund…

Graffiti writer, artist, and friend AVONE has recently been incarcerated on charges of vandalism. If we can gather $2,000 bail ASAP then we can keep him from having to spend the next 3 weeks on Rikers Island. If found guilty he faces a sentence of at least 9 months.
If you live in New York City and keep your eyes open when you walk around then you have seen AV’s work. I have been shooting photographs of his tags for 3 years and was lucky enough to collaborate with him on Graffiti Analysis and the Drip Sessions (video, video, photos).
If you have enjoyed any of these projects and are able to make a donation towards his bail and legal fees please do so by clicking the button below. People willing to make donations of $150 or more can choose from any of the remaining ink on paper tags used in the creation of the Drip Sessions. Click here to view archive (dimensions are roughly 5′ x 2.5′). If you live in NYC and would like to make a donation in person and get a tour of the Graffiti Research Lab please contact us at freeavone(at)ni9e.com
Thank you.