Definitive Digital Dilla Data Base (Help Needed!)

The Definitive Digital Dilla Data Base (DDDDB) is an initiative to create the most complete digital archive of Jay Dee‘s musical contributions to the world. For this task I am seeking self directed hip-hop fans with p2p and torrent skills willing to volunteer some “internet research” to help complete the archives. I already have a significant start on the project but need help making it accurate, complete, and definitive. Volunteers will have access to the vaults, and the results will be released freely on the Pirate Bay upon completion. The gaol of the DDDDB is to properly archive the complete works of one of the best hip-hop producers of all time, and then share them freely so that these beats will not go forgotten.
People interested in helping please shoot me and email: fi5e [at]
And if you’ve never heard of Dilla before here is a good place to get started.