F.A.T. Tokyo Goes Live

Brought to you by the people that created Free Media International University, I am proud to announce the official birthdate of F.A.T. Lab Tokyo:
They will be translating content from the fffff.at site, creating their own projects, as well as cross blogging in English once or twice a month at fffff.at.
There is already a lot of good content on their site (about, photos, people), but I think this is my favorite page so far.
Best of luck to the f@ crew in Tokyo, we’re all expecting big things!

ISEA & A Living Wage For Artists

ISEA wrapped up last week to great fanfare heard around the blog-i-verse. ISEA, for those of you not involved in our tiny little world of media arts, stands for the International Symposium on Electronic Arts, and is (in their own words) “the world’s premier media arts event for the critical discussion and showcase of creative productions applying new technologies in interactive and digital media.”
It is a media arts event like many others in that it invites a group of similar people doing similar projects to a city once or twice a year to listen to each other present projects and ideas. This seems to be standard practice so I don’t fault them for that. What I fault them for is not only do they not pay included artists for traveling half way around the world, they actually make them pay money to get into a venue in which they are presenting. Participating artists are given a $150 Singapore Dollar discount on their ticket bringing their fee for inclusion down to a negative $350 SD (-$217 USD). Pricing is listed on their website here.
Artists are already fucked financially because we decided to make art for a living. Media artists are fucked even more because we don’t paint things that art collectors can hang above their couches. The last thing we need at this point is a media arts festival convincing people that it is standard practice to have artists pay to present their work. I’ve gotten used to hearing sob stories from giant arts events that are too poor to be able to pay working artists much money, but having artists pay to to do work is insulting and a dangerous precedent to set.
So until we get a media arts union up in this motherfucker I will continue to throw up middle fingers on blog posts and boycott events that don’t treat artists respectfully. Want to join me?
“Thank you for presenting your life’s work in a condensed easily digestible 60 min presentation with accompanying visual aids. You owe us $217 USD. Come again!”

White Glove Tracking Compilation Video

Above is the White Glove Tracking compilation video Ben and I showed at the New Museum last night. You can also peep the slides from the presentation here. This is the culmination of work that took place over the course of last 2 years. All shine to Zach, Open Frameworks, Jung-Hoon Seo, David Wicks, Tim Knapen, Jonathan Cremieux, Eyebeam, and Rhizome Commissions.
The top ten White Glove data contributers will soon be getting their commemorative prints in the mail. The application and source code for the ASCII generation software used to create the prints can be downloaded here (PC only at this point).
The blinged out ASCII print on the left is made up of the X-Y coordinate data of the white glove movement, and the print on the right is made up of all the email addresses of the data contributers (from most clicks to least starting at the top bottom).


More photos of prints here

(Hand Re-Blogged via fffff.at)

Youtube Clip Buys Its Own Views

This was an experiment we did last semester w/ Mr. G. Barlow as part of the Internet Famous course at Parsons (season II coming next semester). A couple of things we learned in the process:
1) You can buy your way into awards such as “Most Viewed Per Day/Week/Month” in a given category (in our case How To & Style)
2) Youtube view count vs unique visitors (tracked independently from youtube) match up pretty close when buying famo (44,716 Youtube views and 57,663 unique visitors) .
3) In our experience if you pay for 100,000 visitors it will translate into roughly 45,000 youtube views.
4) If you’re paying to drive traffic to a youtube clip on autoplay you’ll get banned if there is audio.
The stats page is publicly available here if you’re interested in doing further research in famo studies. Original project page here

#BADA55 In A Can

via fffff.at:

Now you can get your favorite hexadecimal shade of light green in a can!
You can paint canvases:

Or use it to fill markers:

Guaranteed to make your art Bad A55!

Click here for source code, here for more photos, or here to buy some for your home.


A count down to when the intelectual property of Christopher George Latore Wallace (aka The Notorious B.I.G.) will enter the public domain.


To download source code (Processing) click here


Is that Linux in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Lady fi5e hooked me up with this early b-day present last night. The Nokia N810 is an internet tablet device that that runs exclusively in Linux. Besides Mozilla based email and internet (which come installed by default) it’s been really easy to get things like ssh, mPlayer, Tor, Add Block, and Skype up and running (really good link on that here). Looking forward to messing around with this thing and cranking my nerd meter up a couple of clicks.

Help Me Win This Laser Cutter….

Our Ghetto Matrix instruction set has made it to the final round of the instructables laser cutter competition. We are one of 14 people that stand a chance to win this $15,000 piece of machinery. This laser cutter would be the corner stone to the fffffisical fffffat lab space once it’s up and running…… we NEED this.
You can view the finalists here, and people who have instructables accounts can go straight into the matrix and cast your vote for us here. For those of you who don’t have accounts (but want to help us win this thing), just go here and set up an account and start voting.
I could really use your help with this one, so please forward this on, force your mom to sign up on instructables, sign your cat up for an account… whatever it takes. Thanks for the support and hopefully we’ll be doing irresponsible things with very powerful lasers very soon.

Hip-Hop Pop-Ups — Kanye Style….

Kanye’s Graduation…. w/ Spam
An online mp3 player that pops up the websites of Kanye’s favorite brands in real time as he raps them. Hip-hop Pop-Up is a data visualization of the product placement in Kanye’s new album, Graduation, and offers a glimpse at a potential trajectory of the current state of main stream rap music. (Make sure to turn off your pop-up blocker).
Source code and how to make your own here. There is a good chance I’ll be getting some C&D’s soon, so download while you can.
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