Warh-Blog Needs Your Help!….

the Warh-Blog is looking for help from people familiar with blogging (wordpress in this case) to help upload content. If you are interested in helping out in a small or large capacity please email evan[at]ni9e.com. I would love to keep this project going but it is proving too much of a task for one person alone.

Slash Links is live!…..

A friend of mine at the Eyebeam OpenLab, Ben, just released SlashLinks. He writes:
SlashLinks is a tool developed by Eyebeam R&D for automatically mirroring links from the popular social-bookmarking service del.icio.us to your personal or institutional website. Posting, tagging, and management still occur within the del.icio.us interface, but design and layout can now be fully customized on your mirrored site. The tool also adds blog-like year/month/day archives (similar to Kottke.org’s remaindered links) to the typical del.icio.us or flickr style tag browsing.
SlashLinks was motivated, in part, by the desire to keep the intuitive URL navigation provided by del.icio.us and common with blogs while allowing for design/layout customization to suit the user’s taste. Additionally, when republished on your own site, all of your links become accessible to search engines — effectively casting your vote for what other sites or pages deserve top placement in search results.

Now my del.icio.us links reside on my own server…. and most importantly they look HOT. Check them out here:
http://ni9e.com/links/tags (tag cloud)
http://ni9e.com/links/ (current)
http://ni9e.com/links/archive (archive by date)
Own your links!


I am currently the guest blogger on the Eyebeam ReBlog site, so most of my blogging energy will be there for the next few days.


Wikipedia defines hotlinking as:

Inline linking, also known as hotlinking, is the placing of a linked object, often an image, from one site in a page belonging to a second site. The second site is said to have an inline link to the one where the object is located. It is used for such activities as linking images from personal home page storage into the online diary of the person controlling the personal home page.
This has sometimes been controversial because it is possible that the site where the object is stored and from which it is retrieved will not like the new placement or will consider it to be bandwidth theft. This term refers to the unauthorized use of someone else’s bandwidth. Inline linking to an image stored on another site increases the bandwidth use of that site, even though their site is not being viewed in its intended form. Since bandwidth is a commodity, unauthorized use can increase the maintenance costs of the website hosting the image, hence the term bandwidth theft.

So I’ve been doing some of this lately for a project I am working on, and sometimes the image they change it to is better than what I was stealing in the first place! So what happens when you hotlink an anti-hotlink image?…. track the progress of the image above to find out.


I would like to make a ni9e blog extra super special shout out to my all time new favorite media artists Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi. According to their web site, M_PLUS_N, the duo lives and works in Berlin. I’ve pasted below some highlights from their site.
” I completed the knitting of a super large life-sized sweater for a giraffe.
My love was accumulated without a purpose or an expectation of return.”

“We bought bottles of German mineral water “Tonissteiner” from a package store in Japan and carried them to Eifel region in Germany and released them.”
“This work began on the day when we had made a extra big candy like a bowling ball by ourselves.
Since that day, we had been licking the candy day after day for about six months.
While we were licking, a lot of episodes happened. (change of the seasons, move to Berlin…).
We kept licking with the aim of only creating an ordinary candy, which seems just a candy on the market.”

Diary of a Star….

Thanks to rhizome.org for posting a link to the new I BLOGGED ANDY WHARHOL project I have been working on and pointing out a very similar project by Eduardo Navas called Diary of a Star. I hadn’t seen this project before, and the news comes as somewhat of a disappointment because it is very similar to my own. He explains his project as follows:

“Diary of a Star is a critical take on blogging that appropriates selections from the Andy Warhol Diaries. The online project Diary of a Star consists of two blogs that are juxtaposed, showing selections of Warhol’s diary and my comments on his selections. The way the project works is I select an entry from Warhol’s diary and type it verbatim on the blog to the right called “diary.” I create links of people and places that Warhol mentions. I then comment on the people and/or the entry itself on the blog to the left called “meta diary.” In Diary of a Star I re-evaluate Warhol’s thoughts and create my own narrative alongside his, which functions as a critical extension of his own aesthetic of constant exposure.”

The goal for my project was simply to allow people a platform for reading the text in real time. By converting the text into an RSS feed the entries can be read on the same day that they were originally written (minus 29 years). I’ve become some what obsessed with his work and life, and felt that this individual who photographed everyone around him, tape recorded social interactions, and dictated diary entires every morning really needed a blog. A side benefit would be creating an online archive of the complete text as a set of data for use by other media artists.
The main differences between the two projects is that Navas’s version contains his own voice as a narrative element, and edits the diary down to 10 months. My version is un-edited (besides the deletion of comments made by the editor) and contains only Warhol’s words and will take just over 10 years to complete if I stay true to the text. Admittedly, the two are very similar, and had I seen Diary of a Star before I started I probably would have dropped the idea. Now that I am into it, however, I really want to complete the project. Check them both out for yourself and let me know if you think there is enough difference to warrant the effort. In the meantime, I will continue to deliver up your daily dose of Warhol.
Diary of a Star vs I Blogged Andy Warhol

Ars Electronica….

I was fortunate to attened the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria a few weeks ago. There was really too much outstanding work to report here, but I posted some of the video clips I took on my digital camera here:
Highlights were Golan and Jaap’s performance, Zach’s Drawn performance and talk, Sand Beasts by Theo Janson, John Gerrard’s The Ladder (with computer vision assistance from one of Brooklyn’s finest, Chris), and Man OS 1/extraordinateur by Roland Seidel and Achim Stiermann.
Huge thanks to Chris and Zach for making for such a memorable time.
Zach breaking down the true meaning of “hybrid”.
During one of the worst noise performances I’ve ever heard I captured this moment of true love in the audience. I think this is one of the most funny and honest things I have ever seen.