The rumors are true…. is now For various reasons I have decided to leave behind the URL I registered almost 8 years ago for something a bit less creative and more self aggrandizing. Those of you nostalgic for what once was can always take a trip down memory lane and still enter the site through for old times sake. I’m going to keep the blog URL at as a terrorist fist bump to the place where it all started. All of your old bookmarks (both social and otherwise) should still work. Management would like to thank you for your continued support through this time of corporate restructuring. And now for 9 line breaks of silence for an old friend:

(Thanks to Jamie-Dubs for the .htaccess voodoo.)

ni9e factory updates…

The ni9e factory has undergone major renovations and is now back in full force to facilitate your consumption of ni9e hotness. Check it out at
New items include:
Sticker Packs

Recursive Postal Labels

Graffiti Analysis Laser Cut Decks

Custom made to order Dressie Hoodies (ballers only)

New Era Hat

Explicit Content Only Prints

Copyright in HK….

A station here in Hong Kong was broadcasting just this image with audio from a tennis match….. for a long time. More evidence for the ‘copyright is silly’ folder.
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New post over on 2xhapps. The Encore chorus from all the remixes I could find from Jay-Z’s black album a cappella.

White Glove Tracking

White Glove Tracking
Creating a data source together one glove at a time.
This is a new project by myself and Ben Engebreth. If you are bored at work you can take part by helping us find every white glove in Michael Jackson’s first televised performance of the Moonwalk.
There are 10,060 frames of video in Michael Jackson’s 5 min 34 sec nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean. The White Glove Tracking project (W.G.T.) is an effort to isolate just the white glove from this moment in pop-culture history. Rather then write unnecessarily complex code to find the glove in every frame of the video I am asking for the assistance of 10,060 individual internet users to simply click and drag a box around the glove in one frame. In the end this data will be shared freely for all to download, visualize, and use as an input into other digital systems.
Get started by clicking below:

Golden Girls

The intro to the Golden Girl edited to golden ratio proportions (320 x 198). View the results up on the site.


My annual mix cd is now up for download at (while bandwidth lasts). Merry X-Mix and happy new year all.

Mike & Kanye

I just put up a new piece called Mike & Kanye…enjoy! The .gif is Mike Myers’ reaction to Kanye West’s famous “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” comment during a Katrina relief broadcast (my favorite TV moment of all time).
The gifs below are some left over tests I did of diminishing color pallets:
128 colors:

64 colors:

32 colors:

16 colors:

8 colors:

4 colors:

ni9e to Tokyo

I’ll be giving a presentation at AMPT 2 in Tokyo on Sat. June 17th. Big thanks to Yosuke for the invitation. More info coming soon.