X-MIX 2005….

In case anyone missed their X_MIX present, you can download a mix of songs I’ve been listening to in 2005. MERRY X-MIX!
This page is also an example of a current work in progress called Animated Gif Mashups. I should have a full page coming soon, but you can view progress and examples here.
I also saw that Zach has his Happy New Year page up. Happy New Year Zach!

I Blogged Andy Warhol….

I just started a new project called ‘I Blogged Andy Warhol’ which can be viewed at warhblog.com. It’s regular posts made by Andy Warhol delayed 29 years.

ni9e.com tricks…

Here are a couple nerdy tricks you can do with the ni9e.com site.
If you put ‘ni9e’ into google the first result reads “all you see is…” as the link, and “…crime in the source code” as the description (if you don’t get it check out style wars).
If you go to ni9e.com and do a “view source” you can see an ASCII fi5e tag dripping in number ‘5’s……. word.

Digital Creative Arts….

I recently did an illustration for the typography issue of Digital Creative Arts magazine which is currently on the stands. The issue is pictured above, and my contribution was an illustration of a city scape rendered in text as pictured below. Benjamin Wachenhe did the illustration of the figure.

more remixes….

Drew left a fun Explicit Content Only remix in the comments:
“Great idea! I was inspired to have a bit of fun taking all of these tracks and combining them into one track to present the entire album of superlatives as one song. 42 seconds total:

Straight Outta Compton….

Thanks for everyones input on this project, I just finished it today. The entire Straight Outta Compton album edited down to only the explicit content:
If you enjoy it you should also check out commenter Cory D’s response with the entire Chronic Album… very cool.

Explicit Content Only update….

Let me just say that I LOVE THE INTERNET. I haven’t even finished my “Explicit Content Only” version of Straight Outta Compton and already someone has remixed it. “Teeth” left this comment in the original post:
“i played around with your idea and created what might be the first remix of the explicit-only album.”
Thanks Teeth, I love it.
Thanks everyone for all the comments, I’m glad people are digging it. I’m working on finishing it right now. Here is one more track:
Gangsta Gangsta edits down to 27 seconds of expicit material which gives it an 8% explicit content index.

Fuck The Police….

‘Fuck tha Police’ edits down to 42.6 seconds after all the non-explicit material is edited out. This gives it a 12.3% explicit content index (much higher than ‘Straight Outta Compton’ at 7.4%).
Take a listen here.

Explicit Content Only….

I’ve been really excited about this idea I had to remove everything from N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton album except for the curse words. It’s like a reverse censored version of the album I’m calling “Explicit Content Only”. I want to do the entire album but below is the title track as an example of what it would sound like. I love this idea but feel like it must have been done before. If so please leave a comment and let me know so that I can save a lot of wasted audio editing time. If it has not been done than stay tuned to the ni9e.com site for the complete album in the next few weeks.
Full version in real time (4 min 19 secs)
Areas of silence edited out (19.4 secs):
My findings for “Straight Outta Compton” show a 7.4% rate of explicit content.

ni9e updates…..

ni9e co-founder and West Coast representative Max makes his first update to the site since his legendary DC METRO design. Check out his latest GREY.