MoMA Screening Recap…

G.R.L. The Complete First Season screened at MoMA last week to a sold out house. There were lots of friends in the crowd and on the stage, big thanks in particular to Mark and Sandra, KATSU, Leon, Steve, B4$, and Indian Idol for joining me and James in the hot seat after the show.

If Katsu ruled the world:

Javelin came down from RI to kill a set… everybody go to their myspace page and turn your speakers up:

They brought dancers:

And my pal Bucky pirated this footage from the theater:

Thanks to mecredis and his slam’n photo set of the event.

Personal Kyoto…

Personal Kyoto, the latest project from Ben via the Eyebeam OpenLab is now ready for use.
“Track your residential or commercial electric usage automatically and achieve your own Personal Kyoto. Personal Kyoto provides New Yorkers the means to measure, track and share their progress towards meaningful electric use reduction.”
If you live in NYC just enter your ConEd info and you are off and running. Peep my downward slope!


Check out the Graffiti Research Lab in today’s (Sunday) Arts section of the New York Times. You can read the article on NYT site here, or if you don’t have a login Wooster has the entire text here. Also check out the Rethinking Graffiti video on the NYT site.
I’ll write more after I sleep off my Tokyo jet lag, but big thanks to Geeta for writing the article, and James for making all the footage in the video section happen.

Holiday Hack Shop (stencils and lasers)….

If you are in NYC this weekend and are interested in creating stencils on a laser cutter, please come to the Holiday Hackshop. The event is run by Eyebeam, and I will be assisting with the Laser Cut Stencils workshop hosted by Robot Clothes. Info is as follows:

Design and laser cut your own stencils for holiday turf tagging and t-shirts.
Come work with Robot Clothes to create tools for street art and activism. Bring concepts and images, design vector graphics and laser cut them into acetate to create your own stencils. Share techniques and practice using your new stencils on t-shirts and walls with fabric paint, chalk spray paint and clay pens.
Session 1: 12-1:30
Session 2: 2-3:30
Session 3: 4-5:30
1.5 hour workshop, 10 participants per session – $15
Saturday, December 3, 2005
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
540 W. 21st St.

Darius Jones at Cooper…

Darius Jones presentation
Speech and slideshow on graffiti and streetart
Friday the 11th at 8pm
Cooper Union
Hewitt Building-Hewitt Auditorium
41 Third Ave.
Between 6th and 7th streets
Friday, November, 11th
8PM – Free
see you there.

Graffiti Exactly Half As Bad As Murder!…

It seems the Citywide Vandals Task Force has updated their web site since I last checked in on it. I’m not sure how long this reward system has been in place, but it is highly disturbing.
“The NYPD has reinvigorated its reward program funded by the Police Foundation. Rewards of up to $500 will be given out to anyone providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals. Calls can be made to 911 for acts of graffiti vandalism that are in progress, or 311 in all other instances.”
Elsewhere on the NYPD site they explain that “information leading to the arrest and indictment of a perpetrator of a violent felony crime is eligible for cash rewards of up to $1,000”. So from this I deduce that Graffiti is exactly half as bad as murder and rape.
I pasted some other choice quotes from the site below:
“Apparently there are some who look on graffiti as a type of avant-garde art, which has a place as an expression of social worth. But that view is not only puerile, it is misguided as well.”
“Because graffiti and vandalism extend the appearance of disorder, it invites other criminal activity by sending the message that a neighborhood is beyond the control of the law.”
“Graffiti-adorned trains and tunnels, buildings, blocks and cars, communicated a message of chaos to New Yorkers and tourists alike. Whether or not the statistics supported these assumptions was irrelevant, because the mere impression of disorder was enough.”
““Vandals are not interested in artistic expression, or social commentary, all they care about is getting their “ups” all over the city,” continued Lt. Mona.”
“Further, with men such as De La Vega (a well know graffiti vandal) publicly decrying the crackdown on graffiti, and anti-establishment fad folk touting graffiti as an art form, it has become a cause celeb.”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah…

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah played last night to a large and receptive crowd at the South Street Sea Port. They sounded great, and one person in particular was feeling them deep down in his soul. Lady fi5e thought he should star in the first music video for the band. I agreed, here it is.
This woman drew the show.

American Girl Store…

If america ever wants to untarnish its image abroad the American Girl Store on 5th ave. and 49th St. will need to close its doors forever. If you find yourself in the area I suggest going in and pretending like you are shopping for a cousin or something, the place is totally surreal. There is a barber shop where little girls take their dolls to have their hair brushed for $15.