Being a tourist for a weekend….

I had family in town this weekend and really enjoyed seeing them and being a tourist for a while. I think we saw more stuff around town this weekend than I have in the last 6 months.
Zaha Hadid sketches on display at the MOMA…
more from the MOMA…
At the armed forces recruitment station in times square. “Shake Shake Shake! Shake Shake Shake! Shake your booty!” The navy really knows how to market to the youth culture…
In front of of the UN…
There is a wonderful photo exhibit inside the lobby of the UN…
Inside the Brooklyn Botanical Garden…
Exercising my right to take photos in the subway system…
I’ve done the circle line tour three times now. It’s one of the most touristy things you can do in NYC and I love it…

“New York’s Finest”….

I was just reading the website for “New York’s Finest”, and found some interesting stuff on graffiti (I don’t want to post a direct link to it, but if you go to and put ‘graffiti’ into the search engine you’ll find it). Including this quote, “Calls can be made to 911 for acts of graffiti vandalism that are in progress”. On the one hand other people are dieing, but at least that wall will remain solid cinder block with no sign of color!
They also have a .pdf on their site called “Combat Graffiti” which outlines the different kinds of graffiti as “hate graffiti, gang graffiti, satanic graffiti, street graffiti, and generic graffiti”. In over a year of photographing graffiti around NYC I’ve seen hate related graffiti only twice (which was promptly covered in anti-hate graffiti), almost zero gang related graffiti , and unless you consider NECK FACE to be satanic graffiti than I won’t even comment on the idiocy of that label, it is all “street graffiti”, and none of it is “generic”. I have seen “beautiful graffiti” (SWOON), “political graffiti” (just think back to the RNC), “up lifting graffiti” (De La Vega), and “tag based graffiti” (names not of gang members but of creative people that live here). With everything going on in this city it makes me sad that they are putting this much effort into the elimination of an art form that was created here.

me on a truck…

I saw this on an ice cream truck near Union Square. I’m saving this image for my first album cover when I become a rock star.
Speaking of rock stars, happy birthday to Lee and his brother (next show April 6th at the Bowery Ballroom).


This is a blatent re-post of Hypocycloid from gammablablog…. it was just too nerdy to resist. Gammablablog is one of the few blogs that I acutally check almost everyday. It’s a nice personal blog run by someone who seemingly just walks around the L.E.S. all day.

American Folk Art Museum…

Ok, I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of quilts in the Folk Art Museum. But that being said there is a lot of unpretentious and raw art to be found here. Before I got busted for taking photos I got these of a piece called “Baby Blanket” (made out of condoms), and an illustration by Henry Darger. Skip the lines and attitude at the MoMA and round the corner to the Folk Art Museum. Stand by the door for 5 minutes and ask people who are leaving for their stickers and you can get in for free.

mandatory Gates entry….

So if you live in New York City and you have a blog it is mandatory that you make an entry about the Gates…… this is mine. For the most part I really enjoyed the experience of walking around the park, and it was amazing to see so many people spending their weekend viewing art. If I had any criticism it would only be that they did not match the river metaphor I had envisioned, but rather felt sprinkled everywhere. There are so many paths in the park that when you cover them all direction and movement become diluted. The view from the top of the Met is not worth trip even if there are short lines as it is not elevated enough to obtain the view you really want. Also, I couldn’t find one example of graffiti on ANY of the gates…. what a let down. Graffiti artists are often very respectful of other public art projects, but COME ON! This is a great opportunity! There is a great street art project to be had with the gates, don’t let Christo have all the fun! If anyone has any photos of “public art” being added to the “public art” please post them in the comments. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars and permission to make great art in the city…. but it certainly helps. Viva Christo!