Run On the Bank….

There is a run on The Bank of East Asia (which happens to be right below my apartment here in Hong Kong). If you believe the “malicious rumors” about the stability of the bank then you best go get your money fool!


I feel like this might be a metaphor for something.

Putting the P.C. in P.W.C.

I’m not sure which is worse, painting yourself in corporate war paint, or choosing Native Americana as the theme of your corporate picnic? Either way Price Waterhouse Coopers is coming out on top! This was the scene at the annual Dragon Boat festival that happened a week ago here on the beaches just outside of Hong Kong.

I’d be curious to see how this would have gone over in NYC… I just can’t picture the executives of PWC dressed up and parading around Union Square in full Native American headdress. But, perhaps on Aug. 2nd we’ll get to find out when the Dragon Boat Festival happens in NYC.

(via AAA).

Ubuntu N Da Hood…

How To Set It Up:

Step 1:
Download audio files here (.zip)

Step 2:
Boot up Ubuntu and go to System->Prefrences->Sound. Click the ‘Sounds’ tab and choose your audio files. Mine looks like this: