Oink Oink?…

Anybody out there have an oink invite they’d like to waste on me?
thanks blasdelf!

Liverpool Wrap Up….

When you’ve got this much pen on your boarding pass it means they love you more:

Liverpool hearts CCTV:

Blood outside the bar from the night before:

Someone went over Sir Banks-a-lot:

Milwaukee wrap up….

I thought I’d do a quick overview of some of the highlights from Milwaukee:

Jill Sylvia’s Hand-Cut Ledger Paper (more here).
Below are some images from Lane Hall’s studio:

This one I got to take home with me:

And here is the footage from the Throwie workshop at UMW:

(audio by Loituma)

Thanks again to Lane and Lisa.

E & M Go To Spain

Some footage from our recent trip to the North coast of Spain (Bilbao, San Sabastian, and Gijon).

G.R.L. interns / volunteers….

The Graffiti Research Lab is seeking interns able to start immediately. Responsibilities might include experimenting with lasers, making stencils on the laser cutter, updating the GRL website, internet research, ordering materials / supplies, filming and taking part in “events”, etc. Please only respond if you meet all of the following conditions:
* You live in NYC
* You are willing to commute to 21st and 10th ave
* You are able to put in 12 – 16 hours / week for the next 4 weeks
* You have a minimum familiarity with HTML and are able to update a blog
* You are self motivated and able to get any job done.
* You are not a cop.
Interested applicants please email me (evan[at]eyebeam.org) ASAP with links to your work, what skills you have, and why you would want to work for us for free. Class credit may be available depending on the conditions of your university and the number of hours invested. Thank you very much for you help.
Graffiti Research Lab

FREE DVD Duplication for Windows….

For anyone looking to share some DVD’s in this time of giving I have found a wonderful solution. Rip It 4 Me. It bundles DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, and FixVTS into a one click operation that will duplicate a DVD to your hard drive.
To play the ripped files from your HD you can use the open source / GNU VideoLAN – VLC media player.
To burn the ripped files back onto a DVD that can be played in any DVD player use ImgBurn.
(for mac users I hear Mac the Ripper is the shit.)

Moonwalks on Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving at the Roth household means canned cranberries, card games, and moonwalk tutorials. Last weekend we did what we should have done 20 years ago…. learn how to moonwalk. View me, my sister, and mother all do our best backward glides in Kelly’s youtube directorial debut:
Moonwalks on Thanksgiving

second life?…

I finally got around to checking out Second Life this weekend. I don’t think I get it. If anyone can show me something fun to do look me up: ‘fi5e Ewry’
Thanks to Kella (aka Aqua Nurmi) for character building assistance…. I still could use some real clothes though.

ghost riding the whip…

I don’t know how I missed this one, but only today (thanks to Steve) did I learn about ghost riding the whip. Wiki-pedia tells us that “the act involves the driver and/or passengers of any given vehicle exiting while it is still rolling and dancing beside it or on the hood or roof. It is one of the highest forms of “going dumb” and a representation of the style of hyphy.”
The rest of my day was spent doing research on the topic…. which I find brilliant. For starters here is a quick video HOW TO on the subject. This one is my favorite, and this one and this one are pretty good compilations of clips found on youtube. Other funny examples I found were the GTA and lawnmower versions.