The Largest Attempted RyanAir Carry On Luggage

This event transpired as a result of a miscommunication with RyanAir regarding the best way of transporting a ridiculously large digital projector. For the record, everyone I met in security at Beauvais airport, the RyanAir staff and the pilot of the plane were all very nice and helpful.

Update from the UK….

I made a quick trip to the UK on my way back from Paris, here are some highlights:
Clothes & Shoes……. & Wigs:

The wall in Powderly’s guest bedroom (more on that here):

Nice hit:

V&A has the alphabet on lock:

Found in the bathroom at the train station:

“Hump” apparently means something different in American:

Updates from the world’s largest product fair.

The China Import and Export fair happens twice a year in Guangzhou.

I think they could tell from the beginning that I wasn’t taking this thing seriously.

Everything in the world under one roof…. from lolli-pop wrappers to bullet proof cars.

Kanye will be driving this in 6 months.

The security level was set to LOL.

Fresh air and blue sky.

Big thanks to Michael for showing me the ropes.