Animated Gif Mashup…. the Workshop

1 Day
20 participants
894 animated gifs
1 music video
I ran the inaugural Animated Gif Mashup workshop last week at NIMk as part of Video Vortex. Big thanks to all of the gif hunters and mashers that spent their Thursday wading their feet in the pools of web 1.0. The above video was created entirely from gifs found and mashed by workshop participants over the course of a single day.
GIF source material available here (1 | 2 | 3). Thanks to Video Vortex for the invitation, NIMk for hosting and Anna for the write up.

A few slides from the resulting presentation:

Urban Hacking Master Class in Ekaterinburg, Russia

The first Russian Urban Hacking Master Class is coming to a close in Ekaterinburg. It was a great week with an amazing group who exceeded my expectations in terms of the amount and quality of work produced.
Workshop participants made the following over the course of two days:
The Mute, by Evgeny Nefedov:

Crime Scene, by Alexandr Tokarev, Natasha Pastuhova, Sasha Slepchuk, Sveta Salmina, Vsevolod Kobzev and Stekolshchuk Timofey:

Tear-off Advertisement Design Services, by me and Evgeny Nefedov:

By Goruleva Jenia, Vasiliev Denis, Stepa Aifo, Cage and Djambo:

Fish Day, by Polina Ganzina and Tatiana Butorina:

On the third day of the workshops, we went over the Graffiti Analysis capture and playback applications and local graffiti writers from Ekaterinburg captured their tags into .gml.

All .gml files of the tags depicted in the video above are available online for free at (photos are here).

(.gml data of above tag here)

I leave tonight for Perm where I’ll be meeting with writers from Perm, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Big thanks to CEC ArtsLink, Art Politika and the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art for making this possible. Details on the upcoming Perm and St. Petersburg events are listed here.