Faces From Vienna….

Just got back from a great two weeks in Vienna.

Always good catching up with Drago Bin Powderly….. fresh in from Berlin and now with 60% more Deutsch!

Mike (of ACC and Destroy and Rebuild fame) also had an opening in Vienna at Innoperable Gallery. How many people get hand written exhibition display tags by All City Crew?!? Huge thanks for all the help.

Aram made the trip over from Berlin as well just in time to help install China Channel, take some great photos and view some real art.

Sydney Ogidan: Exhibition curator (Apocalyptic Colors), father, sticker muscle, gallery installation crew and owner of the Ogidan Inn. Big ups to Sydney for making the show happen and introducing me to bunch of cool people (Roman, Philip, Michael, Johanna, the kids a many others).

International book mule, Lady Fi5e, flew in just in time to save the day.

Had the pleasure of meeting Johannes of monochrom. Track 13 off their new album is amazing.

I also got to know Michael Marcovici’s work while I was in town. He’s the man behind the FREE TIBET sign, 1/6th scale 1 Billion Dollars as well as the book The End of Ebay. All really good stuff.