final projection run for 2005…

This is footage from a projection run I did a couple of weeks ago (along with a new application I was testing out). I’m sad to say this will be the last of the projections I will be doing in New York until later this winter. On the flip side, if anyone in Brussels has a really bright digital projector I will be your new best friend?! Huge thanks go out as always to HELL, JESUS SAVES, AVONE, and KATSU, hopefully we can pick up where we left off when I return. Thanks to Lady fi5e and GARB for help with this last run. And finally, big huge 2 story tall thanks go out Dave and the Parsons DT department for letting me borrow the digital projector (I’m surprised it is still in one piece).
click here to view video.
P.S., that was GARB’s handywork in the “Thanks Dave” video.