Anyone who pays attention to what is being written on the walls of NYC knows AVONE. I was lucky enough to collaborate with him on a couple of projects and have since considered him a friend. Recently he was arrested for catching a tag on an abandoned block in Williamsburg and will spending the next 6 months in jail. I’ve never argued that graffiti should be legal but it’s hard for me to understand how half a year is a reasonable sentence for adding your name to wall covered in graffiti which no one has cared to repaint in years. I hope to see more and more FREE AVONE tags in the city and online over the course of the next few months. Please post the .gif above around the web, and send me emails if you have photos of FREE AVONE tags ( fi5e(at) ).
View his handstyles on flickr here, and his role in the Graffiti Analysis project here.

Photo by Cheekz{MSG}