Graffiti Analysis: Tudela…. Seeking Tags

I will be in Tudela, Spain all of this week taking part in the 42ยบ Latitud Arte-Tudela Festival and projecting .gml tags with Graffiti Analysis. If you are a graffiti writer interested in having your tags projected around town please get involved by either:
1) Sending me an email (info[at]graffitianalysis[dot]com) and we can set up a time to meet to digitize your tag.
2) Stopping by the Castle Ruiz Tuesday or Wednesday between 3:00pm – 4:30pm and looking for a redhead sitting in front of a yellow laptop.
3) Uploading your tag in .gml format to I will be going through all of the most recently upload tags each day and picking out ones with nice style and flow to project around town each night. For information on how to capture your tag into .gml please go here.
From 000000book to Tudela:


More photos here.