Graffiti Taxonomy and EyeWriter Nominated for Design Oscars

The Designs of the Year 2010 exhibit (the self-described “Oscars of the design world”) opened today at the Design Museum in London. I was lucky enough to have two projects nominated among the 13 nominations in the Interactive category: EyeWriter (along with Zach, Theo, Chris, James, Tony and Mick), and Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris (with Flash development by Todd). I’m up against the Kindle, so it should be interesting.

New full screen version of Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris is now available at:
(Hit ‘F’ to go full screen and ‘ESC’ to exit.)

For more information on the EyeWriter project go to:
British Design Museum
Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD
Designs of the Year
17 February – 06 June
P.S., big ups to the Open Frameworks crew for scoring a nomination as well. F.A.T. members were responsible for 3 of the 13 nominations.