Holiday Hack Shop (stencils and lasers)….

If you are in NYC this weekend and are interested in creating stencils on a laser cutter, please come to the Holiday Hackshop. The event is run by Eyebeam, and I will be assisting with the Laser Cut Stencils workshop hosted by Robot Clothes. Info is as follows:

Design and laser cut your own stencils for holiday turf tagging and t-shirts.
Come work with Robot Clothes to create tools for street art and activism. Bring concepts and images, design vector graphics and laser cut them into acetate to create your own stencils. Share techniques and practice using your new stencils on t-shirts and walls with fabric paint, chalk spray paint and clay pens.
Session 1: 12-1:30
Session 2: 2-3:30
Session 3: 4-5:30
1.5 hour workshop, 10 participants per session – $15
Saturday, December 3, 2005
12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
540 W. 21st St.