Invade LA…

I just got my copy of Invade LA in the mail. This is primarily an image based publication on the street artist Space Invader’s take over of Los Angeles. This book is one of the best pieces of documentation of an art project I have ever seen in print. The book was designed, photographed, and produced primarily by the artist and it shows. Anyone who knows me has heard me preach about the importance of documentation, and how it breaks my heart to see wonderful ideas slip through the cracks because no one hit record on a video camera. Invader has it all, maps, dates, sketch books, installation photos, gallery photos, video stills, illustrator screen captures, error messages, etc. It’s one of those books you can tell was made with love.
His documentation was so precise that I was able to figure out that this photo I took this December while in LA was from his third wave of invasion, 07/12/2003 (and was worth 30 points out of 1260 total points scored in LA). A couple quotes from the book I enjoyed were:
“The space-invaders may be illegal but they are basically harmless. They appear and they watch, that’s all. And by doing that, they tell us about who we are through what we make of them.”
And in commenting on the connection between the games industry and contemporary art (listen up MFADTers)….
“It’s important not to confuse the art of the game and the game of art.”