Living In Leuven….

I recently lived in Leuven, Belgium (25 minutes outside of Brussles) for a few months. People often ask me what it was like there, and now, thanks to jtown1978, I have an answer. I have posted his poem below:

Leuven You’re A Lady
Leuven I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing.
Leuven one euro fifty euro cents September 29, 2005.
I can’t stand my own mind.
Leuven when will you work overtime?
Go fuck yourself with your Sunday hours.
When will the answer not be “it’s impossible”?
I don’t feel well anymore.
I won’t update my blog until I know I’m right.
Leuven when will you be a lover?
When will you let down your hair and get off your ass?
Cashiers shouldn’t have seats, they should stand upright.
I shouldn’t have to pay to take a piss.
Leuven why are your libraries gaurded like fortresses?
Open your doors to the world, but don’t let them near your books.
They can’t be trusted, they MUST be watched.
Put your bags in a locker, where’s your id card?
Leuven is nothing possible anymore?
When can I get money without standing in line?
Charge fees if you have to but bring us more money.
Your beaurocracy is too much for me.
I yearn for a cup full of ice.
Leuven stop restraining yourself I know what I’m doing.
Believe it or not I know how to pick up after myself.
I don’t steal books.
I read.
Sometimes I may like to go to a different library, why can’t I?
Do you have change for a two euro coin?
Why do you answer before I have asked?
I knew you’d say no.
Does everything come with fries here?
I think that mayonaise is spoiled, don’t eat it.
It costs so much to wash but so little to dry.
Fifteen Belgians were arrested for terror.
Will they be lined up and “tucka, tucka, tucka, tucka.”
I’m trying to finish my post.
Why are you always twenty minutes late?
Why do you leave early?
Leave the beautiful sister alone, and stop calling everyone lady.
Lady, control, mister, control.
Why do the Belgian students go home every weekend?
I hate suitcases on wheels.
Why do you always ask me “you douche, you douche?”
I’m uncomfortable talking about this.
Leuven are you home?
Can’t anyone count in this country?
It’s nearing the end.
No direction home.
Leuven you’re alone.
This town is making me mad.
Leuven you’re a lady.