I would like to make a ni9e blog extra super special shout out to my all time new favorite media artists Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi. According to their web site, M_PLUS_N, the duo lives and works in Berlin. I’ve pasted below some highlights from their site.
” I completed the knitting of a super large life-sized sweater for a giraffe.
My love was accumulated without a purpose or an expectation of return.”

“We bought bottles of German mineral water “Tonissteiner” from a package store in Japan and carried them to Eifel region in Germany and released them.”
“This work began on the day when we had made a extra big candy like a bowling ball by ourselves.
Since that day, we had been licking the candy day after day for about six months.
While we were licking, a lot of episodes happened. (change of the seasons, move to Berlin…).
We kept licking with the aim of only creating an ordinary candy, which seems just a candy on the market.”