Mouse Based Art….

It has been brought to my attention by several people that mouse based art projects have already been done to death. Word. If anyone knows of any Double Keyboard type projects please raise your hand now before I waste more time on instructables.
I thought I’d compile the list of projects people have been sending me though as they make for a really interesting collection. Thanks to Jonah, and Tom Moody (Anxiety of Influence….ouch) for most of them.

Eddo Stern’s, Runners (using a Triple Mouse)

Joseph Delappe’s, the Artist’s Mouse

Joseph Delappe’s, Mouse Surveillance System

Joseph Delappe’s, Vagina Mouse

Joseph Delappe’s, Drawings: Playing Unreal

Kristin Lucas’s, Mousepad Drawings

Jonah Brucker-Cohen’s, Mouse Traces

Jonah Brucker-Cohen’s, Mouse Miles

John Maeda’s, One Line