ni9e in the world….

I’ve got tons of events coming up, April seems to be the big month for festivals. Below are upcoming shows in which ni9e pieces will be shown. I’m looking at this list and wondering how I am going to get through all of this AND finish my thesis:
FITC Design and Technology Festival in Toronto. I’m giving a talk called Geek Graffiti which will include my thesis project on Graffiti Analysis. I’m excited but pretty nervous about having to follow Ben Fry and Casey Reas who are personal heroes.
Tokyo Type Directors Club, curated by John Maeda, will be showing the Typographic Illustration project.
TYPOSONIC, in Southern Germany, will be showing Typographic Illustration as well. This show is billed as “an exhibition on experimental and new tendencies in typography”, and there is some cool stuff in the Typografen section.
Version>05 in Chicago will be showing All City Council, Graffiti Taxonomy, and possibly Tag Graphic Illustration. I wish I had the time and money to check this event out, it sounds like fun. “Version>05 is a drunken boat on a river whose flow has been reversed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.”
Digital Disobedients is producing a DVD that will include the All City Council project (along with Messa Di Voce if the rumors are true). Their site has a section called the Nerds Fight Back…. got to love’em.
Streets 2k5: festival of street art is happening in New Brunswick. I’m probably going to show All City Council, but I’m still not sure.
I’m also hoping to show All City Council at the 10FL show coming up at the Chelsea Museum of Art next month, give a talk at Sacred Heart University, and present my thesis at the end of May. I’m extremely grateful for the interest in my work but sort of dreading getting through the next 2 months. If I can make it to June I will drink margaritas until my heart stops.