Nuart Opening…

Nuart just opened its doors to the public earlier today. Below is a quick overview for those of you not living in Stavanger, Norway.
I’ll start with a sneak peak at my soon to be released, Digital Black Book (Graffiti Analysis 2.0), with tags from everyone in the show (downloads and source code coming soon!):

c6… “Original Artwanker”:

Verbs in the house:

James and I (w/ help from Chris Stain) acted as the hands for TEMPT1‘s eyes. I’m pretty sure this is the first Cholo tag written by eyeballs (downloads and source code coming soon!):

Leon Reid taking it to the bank:

Powderly making art for the kidies:

Brad Downey did his Q & A from a tree:

Skewville had a couple of my favorites, including…:

… and perhaps my favorite in the show:

Huge thanks to Leon, Martyn, Marte, Victoria and everyone at Nuart. Good times as always.
More on Nuart here. More of my photos here.