Open City…

I (with along with the Graffiti Research Lab and Eyebeam) have been helping curate and coordinate my first major gallery exhibition which opens this Thursday at 6pm at Eyebeam. Open City is an exhibition about the tools and methods employed by graffiti writers, street artists, activists, and pranksters. Come drink free beer and watch videos of people break’n da law. Video documentation and tools by the following artists will be on display:
Aram Bartholl (Berlin)
BORF (Washington D.C.)
Graffiti Research Lab (NYC)
Institute for Applied Autonomy (USA)
Improv Everywhere (NYC)
Mark Jenkins (Washington D.C.)
Object Orange (Detroit)
Leon Reid (NYC)
Matthias Wermke (Berlin)
Krzysztof Wodiczko (PL/NYC)
More information here:
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