Open Source Software…

I just got a new laptop and am in the process of installing new software. I’m trying to limit the number of installations with proprietary licenses so below is a list of my top 14 open source / GNU / Free (as in freedom) Software applications:
1. Firefox (browser)
2. ThunderBird (email)
3. Open Office (.docs, .xls, .ppt)
4. FileZilla (FTP)
5. Putty (Telnet and SSH)
6. GIMP (image editor)
7. Processing (IDE)
8. EMACS (text editor) …4 Windows!
9. BlogBridge (RSS Reader)
10. 7-Zip (archive, zip)
11. Audacity (audio editor /recorder)
12. LimeWire (mp3 downloading)
13. BitTorrent (file downloading)
14. GAIM (chat)
And just for the record, here are some free (as in free beer) software that I use and enjoy even though they are not free (as in freedom):