Scrambled Eggs and Ramen (NOT GROSS!)

I thought I would celebrate my recent move from NYC to Hong Kong with a commemorative East meets West edition FFFFFat Stacks omelet. For scrambled eggs and ramen you will need 3 eggs, olive oil, vegetarian ramen (for all my non-meat eating heads), baby corn (broken into thirds) and baby mushrooms (baby veggies are always more fun then their grown up counter parts). Cook the babies in a frying pan with some olive oil. While those are simmering put half of the ramen package (make sure to include half the spices as well) into a bowl and pour on just enough hot water to make them soft. Once the vegetables are cooked put them off to the side, re-oil the pan, and pour in 3 eggs beaten with a spash of olive oil and water. Mix in the cooked veggies and ramen and get your scramble on.

More photos here.
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