Slash Links is live!…..

A friend of mine at the Eyebeam OpenLab, Ben, just released SlashLinks. He writes:
SlashLinks is a tool developed by Eyebeam R&D for automatically mirroring links from the popular social-bookmarking service to your personal or institutional website. Posting, tagging, and management still occur within the interface, but design and layout can now be fully customized on your mirrored site. The tool also adds blog-like year/month/day archives (similar to’s remaindered links) to the typical or flickr style tag browsing.
SlashLinks was motivated, in part, by the desire to keep the intuitive URL navigation provided by and common with blogs while allowing for design/layout customization to suit the user’s taste. Additionally, when republished on your own site, all of your links become accessible to search engines — effectively casting your vote for what other sites or pages deserve top placement in search results.

Now my links reside on my own server…. and most importantly they look HOT. Check them out here: (tag cloud) (current) (archive by date)
Own your links!