Some Random Updates…

White Glove Tracking is a part of Eyebeam’s Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus exhibit opening on June 10th.
I will be showing some new work as well Graffiti Taxonomy at the Kunsthalle’s Street and Studio: From Basquiat to Séripop, which opens on June 24th. I will also be giving an artist talk on June 21st for those of you in Vienna.
I will be premiering a new version of Graffiti Analysis, showing EyeWriter and collaborating with some friends at Les Grandes Traversees at the beginning of July (Royan July 2-3, Pointe du Médoc July 6-7, Bordeaux July 8-10). More details on this coming soon.
I did a couple of interviews awhile back that were recently published at DigiCult and FAD.
Lastly, Rhizome published my presentation with Matt from the 7on7 event at the New Museum: