The Art of De-Touch

I’m happy to release my first project completed at the Eyebeam Openlab. The Art of De-Touch is an interactive online application that allows you to see how touch up artists are altering model photographs.

The Art of De-Touch explores the manipulation of images related to the human form. Drawing photographs from existing online portfolio sites of professional re-touch artists, this application allows a user to explore precisely how the images were altered. Using Processing, an open source programming language and environment, before and after images are compared algorithmically pixel by pixel to generate visualizations of the alterations.

Create different visualizations by clicking the boxes along the top of the application. View model images from various websites by clicking the boxes along the side, and move the dragger to see different levels of alteration.

Big thanks to Eyebeam, Electric Artists for sponsoring the project, and Zach Lieberman whose data visualization course sparked the impetuous for the project.