White Glove Tracking

White Glove Tracking
Creating a data source together one glove at a time.
This is a new project by myself and Ben Engebreth. If you are bored at work you can take part by helping us find every white glove in Michael Jackson’s first televised performance of the Moonwalk.
There are 10,060 frames of video in Michael Jackson’s 5 min 34 sec nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean. The White Glove Tracking project (W.G.T.) is an effort to isolate just the white glove from this moment in pop-culture history. Rather then write unnecessarily complex code to find the glove in every frame of the video I am asking for the assistance of 10,060 individual internet users to simply click and drag a box around the glove in one frame. In the end this data will be shared freely for all to download, visualize, and use as an input into other digital systems.
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